Task 2-GUI container on the Docker

🏆GUI container on the Docker
- Launch a container on docker in GUI mode
- Run any GUI software on the container


a. RHEL8 system
b. Docker Enabled and configured.
c. Network Connectivity

STEP:1-Creating a Dockerfile

We will be using The X server: it is an application that interacts with client applications via the X11 protocol to draw things on a display and to send input events like mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes. Typically, one would start an X server which will wait for clients applications to connect to it. The applications will send a stream of commands telling the X server what to draw on the display and letting the client applications know if there’s input events that they should handle. The X server keeps track of what elements in the display belong to which application, manages the layering of images, etc.

STEP:2-Building a Docker Image using Dockerfile

Running the docker file and tagging the container with gui1 as it’s name.

STEP:3-Enabling Few things

Checking our Default value of Environment variable, and Enabling Xhost for all the users.

STEP:4-Finally running the command

Now we can see the firefox running



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